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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 27: Uruguay
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 27: Uruguay

Uruguay’s Expo pavilion is the first to be designed by Uruguayan architects, specifically by Javier Díaz for INAC, and offers visitors a multisensory experience of the South American country inside a space with a great balance between green spaces and built up areas. The five areas of the pavilion are all interconnected, the audiovisual area on the first floor is accessed via a sound ramp which makes visitors explore the country via sound, and there are also gastronomic areas as well as visual displays, meaning that all of the visitors’ senses are fully engaged! The facade of the pavilion is made up of rustic pieces of wood and vertical pieces of steel. The facade shades the interior from the hot sun, and all materials used were locally sourced and can be recycled or reused after the event.

ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_01 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_02 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_03 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_04 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_05 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_06 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_07 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_08 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_09 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_10 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_11 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_12ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_12a ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_12b ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_12c ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_13ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_14 ExpoUruguay_feeldesain_15

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