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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 28: Bahrain
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 28: Bahrain

Anne Holtrop and Anouk Vogel are the brains behind Bahrain’s Expo pavilion, whose layout is in the style of Bahraini fruit gardens with a series of closed exhibition spaces, all constructed using shapes found in the traditional archaeology of the Middle Eastern state. The pavilion is mostly white and as a result feels very clean and minimal. The prefabricated concrete panels will be moved back to Bahrain at the end of the event and will be used as a botanical garden. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s pavilion focuses on the relationship between the country’s rich agrarian heritage, plentiful sweet water springs, and its history and culture. The ten fruit gardens, referencing legends that say Bahrain was the original Garden of Eden, have been planned in such a way that their fruit will be ready at different times throughout the 6-month event. More photos can be seen below – we’ll be back tomorrow with another pavilion.

ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_01 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_02 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_03 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_04 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_05 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_06 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_07 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_08 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_09 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_10 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_11 ExpoBahrain_feeldesain_12

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