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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 26: Switzerland
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 26: Switzerland

The Swiss pavilion, and the concept behind it, is one of our personal favourites at Expo 2015. In order to comment on the scarcity of food resources in the world, the pavilion, designed by Netwerch, is made up of four towers which are full of products which visitors can pick up and take away with them… but there’s a catch: when the resources finish, they finish forever, and other visitors won’t be able to enjoy them. As they are emptied, the towers lower on their platform, showing everyone how their consumption affects the structure. It’s definitely one of the most creative and intelligent pavilions at Expo Milan, and will certainly make visitors reflect on their consumption habits. Structurally, the pavilion shows both technology and machinery in the form of the towers, and also traditional Swiss architecture in the wooden terrace and gabled roof. Discover Switzerland’s pavilion in the photos below.

ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_01 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_02 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_03 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_04 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_05 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_06 SONY DSC SONY DSC ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_09 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_10 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_11 SONY DSC ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_13 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_14 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_15 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_16 SONY DSC ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_18 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_19 ExpoSwiss_feeldesain_20

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