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Patch Of Sky | Fabrica
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Patch Of Sky | Fabrica

The Italian design studio Fabrica has created a set of beautiful ambient lamps that allows you to watch the colors of the sky from the comforts of your home. The series is called ‘Patch Of Sky’ is a set of three lamps that reflect the weather outside. They are internet connected, and gather weather information based on your Facebook location. Each lamp then displays this real-time information as colored light animations, with a yellow hue for sunny days, reddish hue for hot days, and the occasional flickering of white during thunderstorms. The sleek lamps are made from glass and marble, and can be placed on a table or wall. With eleven different animations in total, it allows you to easily understand the weather outside with a quick glance.  Click play on the video below to see how it works, and head here to find out more about it.

Images credit: Fabrica

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