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12 POSTERS FOR ImageRepublic | LE DUO
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12 POSTERS FOR ImageRepublic | LE DUO

Brands icons, characters and architecture were represented by LE DUO, they imagined a series of 12 posters for ImageRepublic. These posters show classified icons according to themes : design, architecture, celebrities and iconic objects. We find types of cocktails, coffees, buildings of great architects, designers with famous chairs, fashion designers, fictional characters and pop culture pioneers. Also available in postcards, these posters are sold at Colette, Merci and Fleux and their  agency is La Suite

leduo_FeelDesain_01 leduo_FeelDesain_02 leduo_FeelDesain_03 leduo_FeelDesain_08 leduo_FeelDesain_09 leduo_FeelDesain_10 leduo_FeelDesain_11 leduo_FeelDesain_12 leduo_FeelDesain_013 leduo_FeelDesain_07 leduo_FeelDesain_05 leduo_FeelDesain_04 leduo_FeelDesain_06

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