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The Medusae Collection
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The Medusae Collection

These translucent creatures floating overhead will provide a certain ethereal ambiance to any dinner party. The Medusae Collection is a series of creative lamps by Roxy Russell Design, who suggests that, with these, you can “add a little underwater illumination to your space.” The lamps provide a soft glow overhead while the beautiful design is a constant reminder of the mystical world that lives below the surface of the sea.

Roxy Russell is fascinated with the ocean and she says it is “a boundless source of inspiration” for many of her designs. This project is a way for the artist to pay tribute to the vast, watery expanse that covers a majority of the earth’s surface, while also bringing an awareness to the growing problem of pollution that occurs in our oceans.

The lamps are actually formed out of plastics themselves, but Russell explains that the importance is not the material itself, but the way in which we use it and then choose to reuse and recycle it. All of the materials used for the lamps can be separated for recycling, Russell uses minimal packaging for transport, and a percentage of the proceeds are donated to The Ocean Conservancy.

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