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Ziiiro Saturn Watch
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Ziiiro Saturn Watch

Ziiiro has definitely created a watch world of their own and now with this latest orbit, they introduce something quite unexpected, the Saturn.
Saturn’s unique liquid crystal display rides through time by propelling its hour and minute through black segments. The hour can be deciphered from its outer ring of 12 segments and minute from inner ring of 60 segments.
The concept of the first ZIIIRO Watch is a clock face without hands or markings, but a constantly changing pattern of rings indicating the passing of time. The main theme is minimalism, so there are no distracting elements in the design, and after a short time you will acquire a feel for reading the time. This futuristic piece comes with a matte stainless steel casing and 24mm stainless steel mesh strap. Available in 3 colors of Black, Gunmetal and Chrome.


Ziiiro Saturn Watch

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