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Cool And Functional Design For Everyday Struggles
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Cool And Functional Design For Everyday Struggles

Think about your morning. You probably wake up, get ready for work or university, and most likely find yourself in a rush. To add insult to injury, you add some heavy bags, hamburger wallets, and a few other bulky objects to the mix.

But Bellroy – an Australian start-up, founded in 2010 – has the answer to your problems.

Bellroy loves to surprise, and what’s clear from their products – which range from simple wallets to other leather goods such as folios and iPad cases – is that they believe design is as much about function as aesthetics.

Recently, the company has released a new brand campaign to show how certain items can be carried more easily, every day.

1. Can’t find the keys, your bag is a black hole

Recently, the company has released a new brand campaign to show how certain items can be carried more easily, every day.

“We often overlook all the time spent in transition, preparing for our next activity, or wrapping up our last. From dashing home to swap a workbag for a backpack before our next jaunt, to wrestling with an overloaded wallet while folks wait in line behind us – these micro-moments sap time and energy from each day. And they can feel disproportionately overwhelming when added together” says Andy Fallshaw – Bellroy’s co-founder and CEO.

Thankfully, clever design can provide the solution to many of our everyday struggles.

2. Credit cards and a slim phone case


Clever solution for saving space and keep credit card organized. The slim phone case that doubles as a minimal wallet. Available for your iPhone in different colors!

If you’re more into coin purse, you’ll definitely love Coin Fold slim leather wallet by Bellory.

3. From day to evening: Duo Totepack

Life is made up of different moments, modes, adventures. The Duo Totepack is designed to transition through those as easily as you do. Built specifically for two modes – tote bag or backpack, slim or expanded, work or play.

Finally, let’s talk about quality and materials.

Bellroy offers a 3 year warranty from the day their products are bought, providing a guarantee when products are used under normal conditions and for their intended purpose.

The Australian company uses only premium, environmentally-certified top-grain leather. They use eight types of leather, meaning that there’s one to suit every purpose. Bellroy’s products are not only cool and functional, but allow you to go about your day with less weight on your shoulders. We simply love them, and we bet you will too.

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