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Where have all the wildlings gone? | Nigel Evan Dennis
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Where have all the wildlings gone? | Nigel Evan Dennis

Nigel Evan Dennis loves Game of Thrones. The Chicago artist loves it so much, in fact, that he’s created a graphic tribute to the HBO show, called Where have all the wildlings gone? which he regularly updates with information about all things GoT. He’s created graphic illustrations of each of the characters, explaining alliances and family histories, and even teaching readers how to play songs from the show. If you’re a big fan, Dennis’s site is a must see, and if you have suggestions for other things you’d like to see on it, you can contact the artist on Twitter.

GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_01 GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_02 GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_03 GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_04 GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_05 GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_06 GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_07 GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_08 GOT_wildlings_feeldesain_09

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