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Pirouet Luminaire | KDID
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Pirouet Luminaire | KDID

Available from today is the Pirouet lamp, designed by KDID and winner of a Red Dot award this year. Pirouet’s shape can be changed and adjusted according to your needs and preferences, which in turn also adjusts the lighting conditions. When more closed, the lamp offers a cosy ambience, while open it gives a more intense illumination. The adjustability of the lamp is smooth and easy, and the product is made from long lasting materials. Look at the images below and visit the Pirouet website to find out more.

Pirouet_feeldesain_01 Pirouet_feeldesain_02 Pirouet_feeldesain_03 Pirouet_feeldesain_04

Pirouet_feeldesain_04b Pirouet_feeldesain_05 Pirouet_feeldesain_06

Pirouet_feeldesain_06b Pirouet_feeldesain_07  Pirouet_feeldesain_09

Pirouet_feeldesain_10 Pirouet_feeldesain_11

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