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Hillside Skyscrapers | Jethro Koi Lik Wai
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Hillside Skyscrapers | Jethro Koi Lik Wai

In this year’s eVolo Skyscraper competition, these limestone skyscrapers got an honourable mention, and we couldn’t help but admire the concept. Proposed by Jethro Koi Lik Wai, a designer from Malaysia, these skyscrapers would be constructed into hillsides. The designer thought about the human destruction of the Karst topography found in countries in the far East, and considered how it would be possible to intervene with the destruction of these features. He came up with the idea of constructing into the hills, initially destroying the rock, but then reconstructing it as something new, allowing nature and construction to live harmoniously together, even thinking about water treatment, activities making the most of the landscape such as rock climbing and the conservation of birds. The proposal looks like an impressive movie set, but could one day be a reality.

Limestones_feeldesain_01 Limestones_feeldesain_02 Limestones_feeldesain_03 Limestones_feeldesain_04 Limestones_feeldesain_05 Limestones_feeldesain_06 Limestones_feeldesain_07

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