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Vivid Light | Sydney 2015
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Vivid Light | Sydney 2015

Vivid, one of our absolute favourite light festivals has just finished illuminating the stunning city of Sydney, Australia. Below, you can see some of the incredible light installations, sculptures and projections which made up an enormous outdoor gallery, lighting up the iconic Sydney harbour as well as other parts of the city for 18 days in May and June this year. The festival happens every year, and it’s free to visit, so if you missed this edition, make sure you’re in Sydney in 2016! Find out more on the event’s website.

VividSydney_feeldesain_01 VividSydney_feeldesain_02 VividSydney_feeldesain_03 VividSydney_feeldesain_04 VividSydney_feeldesain_05 VividSydney_feeldesain_06 VividSydney_feeldesain_07 VividSydney_feeldesain_08 VividSydney_feeldesain_09 VividSydney_feeldesain_10 VividSydney_feeldesain_11 VividSydney_feeldesain_12 VividSydney_feeldesain_13 VividSydney_feeldesain_14 VividSydney_feeldesain_15 VividSydney_feeldesain_16 VividSydney_feeldesain_17 VividSydney_feeldesain_18 VividSydney_feeldesain_19 VividSydney_feeldesain_20 VividSydney_feeldesain_21 VividSydney_feeldesain_22

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