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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 42: Thailand
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 42: Thailand

We’re back in Asia and this time we’re looking at Thailand’s pavilion, which is in the shape of the traditional hat of Thai rice farmers, the Ngob. The pavilion’s architecture is also supposed to represent the sinuous lines of beings or spirits of nature, important in Thai culture. Throughout the exhibition space, visitors will learn about Thailand and its traditions, as well as offering traditional Thai street food in an atmosphere recreating the floating market of times past in Bangkok. There is also a virtual cinema, and 360 degree video projections, interactive tools and even acrobatic shows. Check out some images below.

ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_01 Adobe Photoshop PDF ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_03 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_04 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_05 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_06 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_07 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_08 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_09 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_10 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_11 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_12 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_13 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_14 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_15 ExpoThailandia_feeldesain_16

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