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Vessyl | Smart cup
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Vessyl | Smart cup

We’re so proud to write about this product, Vessyl, a smart cup that can help you to collect useful data during your daily routine.
U.S.-based technology startup Mark One has developed an innovative smart cup Vessyl that can detect the chemical content of the liquid poured into it.

Vessyl is equipped with sensors determining the molecular composition of the drink that pass this information onto user’s smartphone (iPhone apps only at this stage) through Bluetooth.
The smart cup can even identify the name of the drink, whether it is wine or beer, Pepsi or Coke. However, the number of the “known” drinks is limited.

” Your Vessyl is designed to help you get even more out of your activity tracker.
We will integrate with popular wearables, so you can learn how well your hydration patterns support your activity and how much you need to adjust your intake when your exercise level changes.”

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