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LG | End Of The World Job Interview
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LG | End Of The World Job Interview

When it comes to selling TVs, LG isn’t above scaring the bejesus out of you.
The electronics giant took to Chile recently to shoot a hidden-camera prank commercial, which can be seen above. In the ad, LG replaces the window in an office of a high-rise building with one of its Ultra HD TVs.

Ultra HD TVs, or 4K TVs as some call them, are supposed to offer a clearer image than any other types of TV currently on the market. The sets offer a resolution four times greater than that of regular HD TVs.
But showing off that kind of clarity in commercials can be tough, especially when the potential customer is watching the ad on an HD TV, their smartphone or a computer screen.

So instead, LG shows regular people reacting to the clarity.
In the ad, unsuspecting job seekers walk into the outfitted room for a job interview. They sit across from the fake window in front of an actor who is playing a potential employer. All the while, the Ultra HD TV window displays a city skyline.

But in the middle of the interview, a bright light starts to shine out of the top left corner of the TV, and, slowly, a meteor creeps into view.
The job seekers try to keep calm as long as possible, but eventually they all freak out. LG justifies their freak-outs by showing the meteor crash into the city and a huge dust cloud rush toward the building. This, of course, is all happening on a TV.

All in all, the hilarious prank makes for a great ad that has gone viral.

LG technology, Ultra HD feeldesain 03

LG technology, Ultra HD feeldesain 02

But this isn’t the first time LG has taken to pranking to market its TVs. The South Korean company did so this year with an elevator prank video that also went viral.


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