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Times 4 Coffee Table | Gonçalo Campos
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Times 4 Coffee Table | Gonçalo Campos

Designer Gonçalo Campos‘s Times 4 coffee table takes the concept of a pie chart and turns it into a practical storage solution which can be adapted to suit any moment of your day. The coffee table is one quarter open, showing a rotating, multicoloured storage area underneath, composed of four separate areas where you can store anything you like. Take a look at some images below.

CoffeeTable_feeldesain_01 CoffeeTable_feeldesain_02 CoffeeTable_feeldesain_03 CoffeeTable_feeldesain_04 CoffeeTable_feeldesain_05 CoffeeTable_feeldesain_06 CoffeeTable_feeldesain_07 CoffeeTable_feeldesain_08

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