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Carla Baz has unveiled a collection of marble furniture
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Carla Baz has unveiled a collection of marble furniture

Carla Baz has unveiled a collection of marble furniture and lighting, including tables filled with pools of colourful resin.

Debuted at Beirut’s Joy Mardini Gallery during the city’s annual design week, the marble pieces include lights, tables and other items of furniture all made in Beirut.

Called Stratagems, the 13-piece furniture collection is the result of Baz’s experiments in marble, and in particular, her efforts to showcase the material’s fragility and delicacy by using only thin waterjet-cut slabs.

A series of table and floor lamps feature steel or brass stems lined with semi-circular discs of marble to create flower-like formations, while the shelving units are made up of horizontal and vertical slabs of three different types of marble slotted together. In total Baz has used 15 different types of marble; one is semi precious.

“By decontextualizing the material, we have managed to create a collection of pieces that are gracious while having character, bold while being valuable,” concluded Baz.

The series of six low tables, made from various different coloured of marbles, feature thin tops with slightly dipped surfaces. By carving away 2 millimetres of the marble, Baz creates recesses which are then filled with colourful resin.

The resin creates a two-tone effect on the surface with the natural pattern of the stone showing through.

“Through our experiments we have sometimes chosen specific natural colours, sometimes decided to use a simple white marble as a canvas for a more audacious approach, tainting it with bolder colors with resin,” said Baz.


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