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Wireless charging furniture | IKEA
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Wireless charging furniture | IKEA

Swedish furniture giant IKEA has partnered with Qi to produce the “Home Smart” collection – a series of desks, tables, and lamps featuring an integrated pad which can charge smartphones and tablets wirelessly. By simply placing your phone on top of the pad, it will start to charge. If the upcoming line of furniture isn’t to your taste, fear not – IKEA has also promised to sell stand-alone pads to attach to your existing furniture.


Integrating wireless charging into furniture should allow us to reduce the number of messy cables and wires tangled around our houses, but there’s some doubt about whether wireless charging will damage phone batteries, and also about the ecological impact of the new gadget, as recycling these devices could be difficult, as they’d have to be separated from the furniture they’re built into. For now, the chargers work with Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus 6, and some others, but for now iPhone users will have to use an adapter. Keep your eyes out in mid April when the products will first be released in Europe and North America.

ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_01 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_02 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_03 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_04 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_05 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_06 New Ikea furniture will charge your phone wirelessly ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_08 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_09 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_10 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_11 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_12 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_13 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_14 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_15 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_16 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_17 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_18 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_19 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_20 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_21 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_22 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_23 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_24 ikea-wireless-charging-furniture-feeldesain_25

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