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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 55: Enel
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 55: Enel

Architecture studio Piuarch designed the ENEL Pavilion for Expo 2015. The pavilion space is surrounded by an interesting-looking virtual LED forest with clear polycarbonate tubes of varying heights, which is based on a smart energy grid and gives visitors an immersive experience as they explore it on raised walkways. The forest is interactive – the lighting intensity changes according to the movement of people around it, and there’s an integrated sound system too. The reason behind the smart grid themed pavilion is to show visitors how ENEL is using smart, renewable energy to power this year’s Expo. There is plenty of real “forest” too, with wooded courtyards and a variety of herbs and plants inside the Mediterranean Garden. The Control Room can be found within the virtual forest and acts not only as the nerve centre of the display, but also as the exhibition space, explaining how the complex system works. Images below.

ExpoEnel_feeldesain_01 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_02 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_03 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_04 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_05 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_06 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_07 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_08 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_09 ExpoEnel_feeldesain_10 Expo: presentazione del Padiglione Enel ExpoEnel_feeldesain_12

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