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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 54: Cascina Triulza
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 54: Cascina Triulza

The Cascina Triulza was already on the Expo 2015 site, but has been completely renovated for the event. The structure is typical of the region in which Milan is situated, representing the area’s past as the farming and agriculture capital. Covering an area of 7,900 square metres, the cascina, managed by the Triulza Foundation, offers an exhibition area where companies share their stories of cooperation, sustainability, health and nutrition. There’s also an events space, offering workshops and laboratories where visitors can learn about various topics related to the theme in a hands-on way, and a marketplace where small businesses sell their products, and a networking area for businesses and business people to meet and discuss future collaborations. The focus of the Triulza Farmhouse is on collaboration, sustainability, real experience and good practices. Some images can be found below.ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_01 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_02 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_03 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_04 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_05 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_06 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_07 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_08 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_09 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_10 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_11 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_12 ExpoCascinaTriulza_feeldesain_13

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