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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 53: The Spices Cluster
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 53: The Spices Cluster

We’ve already shown you the Arid Zones and Cocoa & Chocolate clusters, and today it’s the turn of the Spices, which contains spaces dedicated to Afghanistan, Brunei Darussalam, Tanzania, the Pacific Islands, and Vanuatu. Following the spice routes, visitors can enjoy the aromas of spices from around the globe and learn how they are used in cooking and otherwise. The cluster itself was designed by DONTSTOP Architettura and is made of a simple, wooden frame, with cladding in earthy tones reminiscent of spices themselves, and each country’s area is covered in colourful, botanical prints. Inside, visitors will find a series of “experiential zones”, where they can taste the various spices, and learn about the uses of the spices which, in the past, inspired merchants to undertake long and arduous journeys to satisfy the needs of emporers, kings, and aristocrats.

ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_01 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_02 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_03 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_04 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_05 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_06 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_07 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_08 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_09 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_10 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_11 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_13 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_14 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_15 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_16 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_17 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_18 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_19 Cluster ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_21 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_22 ExpoClusterSpices_feeldesain_23
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