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Christmas is steeped in tradition. From stockings by the fire to cookies left out for Saint Nick, the holiday season is filled with enduring rituals.


Top of that list is the tree: lit with string lights, hung with ornaments and tinsel, topped with a star or an angel. It’s a magical sight for many, but if you’re not the traditional type, the classical ornate tree can be too much. If you wanted to live in the North Pole, you’d be a mall Santa.


Try something different this year. The internet is filled with unique alternatives, from the quirky and clever to the clean and modern. Laser-cut cardboard is an environmentally-friendly option. Plywood shows off your DIY skills. A wall decal is the ultimate in one-step decoration. And that’s just for starters.

Check out the gallery of modern Christmas trees for inspiration. These cool, contemporary alternatives won’t offend your minimalist sensibilities or get you branded a Grinch.

Minimalist Christmas Trees C20-960x580 Minimalist Christmas Trees Minimalist Christmas Trees C15-960x580 Minimalist Christmas Trees Minimalist Christmas Trees C2-960x580 C4-960x580 Minimalist Christmas Trees C17-960x580 C7-960x580 Minimalist Christmas Trees C8-960x580 C3-960x580

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