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The Up5 Chair, Anniversary Special Edition
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The iconic Up5 Chair by Gaetano Pesce celebrates its anniversary with a special edition. B&B Italia introduces new colorways.

Made its debut 50 years ago at the Milan Furniture Fair, the Up5 chair is now available in 5 new colorways along with a 50th Anniversary Special Edition featuring striped beige and petrol green, just like the original 1969 color palette.


Gaetano Pesce’s Up Chair is also called “La Mamma.” B&B Italia’s Up5 is formed of cold-shaped polyurethane foam and upholstered in the company’s proprietary technical stretch fabric.

“I was telling a personal story about how I see the woman: despite herself, the woman has always been her own prisoner. And so I wanted to give this armchair a feminine form with a ball at the foot,” says Pesce. 

Photography courtesy of B&B Italia.

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