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Myjnia of Pastel Collection | Karina Wiciak
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Myjnia of Pastel Collection | Karina Wiciak

“Myjnia” (which in Polish means “bathroom”) is the second project of the “Pastel Collection” (after the first pink project “Sypialnia”), entirely designed by Karina Wiciak, you have also see here.


“Pastel Collection” consist of 4 thematic interior designs, designed in pastel colors, together with furniture and fittings, which in each part is interconnected, not only in terms of style, but also by name: these interiors are not made to a specific order, but designs based on the author’s fantasy and his fascinations of various sorts. The author’s assumption is not to create trite, fashionable interiors, but non-standard places, at the borderline between architecture and scenography.


This second part,  was designed in a delicate blue color, which occurs mainly on the floor – simulating water and also drops. The project, like previous part “Sypialnia” is slightly sweet and childish. This is not another weighty project for serious people, but whimsical and humorous. A very important element of the decor, which fits the theme of water, are large decorative faucets, nozzles and water vapor. The design is heavily inspired by the theme of the bathroom and the pool, so here are also the lamps in the shape of the bathtub stopper, small decoration on the floor imitating paper boats and also small yellow lamps in the shape of rubber ducks. Architecture in the interior also refers to paper boats, trampolines and railing popular at the pool.






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