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Tape Art | Buff Diss
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Tape Art | Buff Diss

Buff Diss isn’t like other street artists – his creations are not sprayed onto walls, doors, and windows but rather… stuck. The Melbourne based artist uses tape to make his impressively detailed creations, which are of course much more temporary than their more traditional counterparts. His artworks range from the simple and geometric to the more classical, even with depictions of characters from Greek myths. Of course, this artist is very much in demand, and his work is often commissioned by bar owners and local offices.

Tape Art - Feel Desain1 Tape Art - Feel Desain2 Tape Art - Feel Desain3 Tape Art - Feel Desain4 Tape Art - Feel Desain5 Tape Art - Feel Desain6 Tape Art - Feel Desain7

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