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The Chameleon scarf | Neffa
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The Chameleon scarf | Neffa

This amazing colour changing scarf by Dutch studio Neffa was inspired by the chameleon and its ability to change colour for social communication purposes (not just to blend in to their surroundings, as you might have thought). The multi-layered accessory changes its appearance based on the wearer’s body temperature, and the light around it. This is all possible thanks to thermochromic and photoluminescent inks which change the scarf from white to black to orange to glowing greenish blue. Check out the video and images below.

Chameleon Scarf - Feel Desain1 Chameleon Scarf - Feel Desain2 Chameleon Scarf - Feel Desain3 Chameleon Scarf - Feel Desain4 Chameleon Scarf - Feel Desain5

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