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Border Art | Werc Alvarez
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Border Art | Werc Alvarez

Werc Alvarez is a very talented street artist and so-called “border artist”, as he was born in Mexico but raised in the USA, continuing to paint along the Mexico-US border. His multi-cultural influences are clear in his work, which often makes reference to his Mexican heritage, but uses graphic styles popular in the States. The most eye catching thing about his gigantic murals are the bright colours Werc chooses to use, which make his work really stand out. A selection of his work can be found below. Visit his site to see more, or follow him on Facebook or Instagram.


Images via WercWorldwide

Alvarez_feeldesain_01 Alvarez_feeldesain_02

Photo: Andrew J. Perez


Photo: Andrew J. Perez

Alvarez_feeldesain_04 Alvarez_feeldesain_05 Alvarez_feeldesain_06 Alvarez_feeldesain_07 Alvarez_feeldesain_08 Alvarez_feeldesain_09 Alvarez_feeldesain_10 Alvarez_feeldesain_11 Alvarez_feeldesain_12 Alvarez_feeldesain_13

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