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Busy Graphic Design | Cecilia Serafini
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Busy Graphic Design | Cecilia Serafini

Meet Cecilia Serafini. She’s an Argentinian graphic designer who now lives and works in London, and we think you’ll like her designs. Cecilia uses interesting composition, taking advantage of a lot of colours and shapes. Lots of her work is very busy and fun to look at, and her projects cover all manner of topics, from cycling to mental illness. Check out some of her work below, and see more on her website, or on Behance.


Images: Cecilia Serafini via Behance

CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_01 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_02 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_03 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_04 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_05 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_06 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_07 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_08 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_09 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_10 CeciliaSerafini_feeldesain_11

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