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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 58: Moldova
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 58: Moldova

The small, Eastern European state of Moldova has an 800 square metre, apple green coloured pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 which is a huge artistic installation. From 35 entrants in a competition to design the pavilion, Gorgona architects were chosen as the winners, and went on to develop a pavilion with the help of artist Pavel Braila. The design was inspired by the forbidden fruit and by the sun, which is very important to Moldova and its agriculture. A solar energy installation outside the pavilion – Solar Flower – introduces visitors to the theme. This multifaceted mirror installation on a long stalk over the top of the pavilion captures and reflects sunlight and projects it in thousands of bright spots. Throughout their journey inside the pavilion, visitors are constantly encouraged to think about their basic sources of energy. Inside the sliced apple-shaped pavilion, there is a long, plant-lined corridor and a bio-zone, within which visitors can learn about the traditions, food, and wines of Moldova. There are also neon planetary constellations inside the pavilion and a giant screen which shows Braila’s movie, JOC, made especially for Expo. Images and photos can be found below.

ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_01 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_02 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_03 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_04 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_05 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_06 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_07 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_08 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_09 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_10 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_11 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_12 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_13 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_14 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_15 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_16 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_17 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_18a ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_18b ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_19 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_20 ExpoMoldova_feeldesain_21

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