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“Supersymmetry” is the last anamorphic artwork by Truly
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“Supersymmetry” is the last anamorphic artwork by Truly

“Supersymmetry” is the last anamorphic artwork by Truly | Urban Artists for the opening of the Collegio Carlo Alberto new headquarters.

Collegio Carlo Alberto is one of the most prestigious institutions for economic study and research in Torino. It recently moved in its new headquarters, a historical palace located in the city center which recently received a substantial makeover, sponsored by Compagnia di San Paolo.

“We were honored to take part in this awesome project by painting no less than six anamorphic compositions on three different floors, touching both century-old walls and brand new furnishings.” said the creative team. “Our brightly colored geometric designs, a mini-series we dubbed “Supersymmetry”, create dynamic contrast with the sober architecture of the ancient palace, a reminder of the continuity between academic tradition and contemporary research, which goes well beyond boundaries set centuries ago.”

This project was carried out in collaboration with Lageard Architettura and Studio Vairano.

Truly’s anamorphic artwork slowly takes shape from the first encounter between its founders, all graffiti artists active since the late 90’s. Practice in train yards, abandoned factories and suburbs leads to constant experimentation and – starting from the early naughts – a progressive detachment from purer forms of graffiti and street art.

The collective now focuses fully on figurative and abstract anamorphic art, a technique known since the early Renaissance. Using perspective, this practice generates surreal 3D images which merge with the surrounding environment. Motivated by a taste for architecture and urban art, Truly enjoy working on the street as much as they do in museums.

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