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TOGETHER | Illustration & Packaging Design
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TOGETHER | Illustration & Packaging Design

Development, ideas, collaboration. TOGETHER came to push further the co-creation process by involving as many people as possible, from Society27 community, in one project.We asked our community to submit Illustrations & ideas, that were later voted to chose the one that would make it to the next stage.The most appreciated submission came from one of the finest illustrators out of Italy – David Sossella. He presented the idea in a simple way, yet trough a very complex drawing, depicting 27 characters interconnected to each other, as being one. His very distinctive drawing highlighted the idea in a perfect way, pushing the project forward.From there, we took the illustration and elaborated on it with Archabits, creating packaging prototype, and color samples. BUY IT HERE

  • TOGETHER: Society27 x David Sossella



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