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Stylish women’s sportswear | Nike & Sacai
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Stylish women’s sportswear | Nike & Sacai

Japanese fashion studio Sacai has collaborated with Nike in order to create this capsule sportswear collection, which has plenty of feminine touches like lace and pleating, but is still functional and based on some of Nike’s own recognizable pieces. Working alongside NikeLab designers, founder Chitose Abe added plissé sections, hints of lace, her signature panelling, and mesh material, as well as peplum details, slashes and various different colour options to a selection of garments. The clothes all move and the pleats flare out as the person wearing them moves around, creating a connection between sport and style. The collaboration also worked on a reinterpretation of the Air Max trainer, making it into a slip-on shoe. The Nike x Sacai spring collection is available at NikeLab stores in NYC, London, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and online on the NikeLab website. New pieces and colors for summer will be available from June.

Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_01 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_02 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_03 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_04 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_05 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_06 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_07 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_08 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_09 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_10 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_11 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_12 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_13 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_14 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_15 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_16 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_17 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_18 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_19 Nike_Sacai_feeldesain_20

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