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Fun mix and match furniture | Patricia Urquiola for GAN
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Fun mix and match furniture | Patricia Urquiola for GAN

Sometimes, we can be a little indecisive about how we want our furniture arranged. Bandas Space, by Patricia Urquiola for GAN, is a modular set of furniture that can be constantly mixed and matched to create a set of furniture that you love. The collection features a theme of chunky embroidery and bold patterns which ties it all together, and you can choose from a selection of shape and colour options to make your set just right for you and your lifestyle. Urquiola’s collection, for sale here, features poufs, chairs, rugs and pillows, and really can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.

Bandas_feeldesain_01 Bandas_feeldesain_02 Bandas_feeldesain_03 Bandas_feeldesain_04 Bandas_feeldesain_05 Bandas_feeldesain_06 Bandas_feeldesain_07 Bandas_feeldesain_08 Bandas_feeldesain_09 Bandas_feeldesain_10 Bandas_feeldesain_11 Bandas_feeldesain_12 Bandas_feeldesain_13 Bandas_feeldesain_14 Bandas_feeldesain_15 Bandas_feeldesain_16 Bandas_feeldesain_17 Bandas_feeldesain_18 Bandas_feeldesain_19 Bandas_feeldesain_20 Bandas_feeldesain_21 Bandas_feeldesain_22 Bandas_feeldesain_23 Bandas_feeldesain_24 Bandas_feeldesain_25 Bandas_feeldesain_26 Bandas_feeldesain_27

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