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Smart Safe | Ksafe
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Smart Safe | Ksafe

kSafe is a smart container which uses principals from psychology and technology to reach your goals, turning temptation into motivation. You just place your temptation inside the container (maybe the TV remote, a bag of sweets you can’t keep your hands off of, or even a book that’s distracting you from your work), and set a goal through the app. The jar will only open once your goal is reached – it’s the only way to get your stuff out again! It’s a cool idea for people trying to quit snacking, smoking or other bad habits, but also for students who need to study more, or people who just need a little extra motivation to get a task done. You can set Activity goals (a particular number of steps, for example), Location goals (e.g. going to the library), or Time goals (people who are trying to cut down to one snack a day, for instance), and the app will track your progress and only let you touch your temptation again once you’re done.  You can also simply use it as a password protected box, in between goals. The system is based on studies on Pre-Commitment and Reward Substitution, which you can read all about on the kSafe Kickstarter page. Sounds cool, right?

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