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Every gun has a history | States United to prevent gun violence
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Every gun has a history | States United to prevent gun violence

We often see stories of gun deaths and injuries in the news, both deliberate and accidental, and yet many Americans believe that owning a gun will make them safer. Non profit organization States United to Prevent Gun Violence teamed up with Grey to set up a pop-up gun store in New York City, where they ran a fascinating and thought-provoking social experiment.


Every gun in the shop had a tag on it, showing which shootings or killings it had been involved in, how many people had been killed or injured, and who had been the shooter. The shop assistant helpfully explained every detail to would-be first time gun buyers, too. The customers were understandably taken aback by these explanations and, understandably, a few opinions were changed thanks to the experiment, whose tagline is “Every gun has a history. Let’s not repeat it”.


Watch the video below to see the customers reactions, and learn more about Guns With History here.

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