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Shylight blooming flower lighting | Studio DRIFT
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Shylight blooming flower lighting | Studio DRIFT

This collection of Shylights is now installed in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, and is the work of Studio DRIFT. The lighting was inspired by the opening and closing of flowers, or perhaps even parachutes, and the kinetic fixtures with silk shades open in a stunning way as they fall 9 metres. The beautiful lights seem almost alive as they open and close, closing the gap between the man-made and the natural. Studio DRIFT took 5 years developing the idea, and the final result can also be controlled from iPads or iPhones, even allowing choreography to music. Shylight installations can feature any number of lamps, creating what looks like a man-made field of flowers.

Shylight_feeldesain_01 Shylight_feeldesain_02 Shylight_feeldesain_03 Shylight_feeldesain_04 Shylight_feeldesain_05 Shylight_feeldesain_06 Shylight_feeldesain_07 Shylight_feeldesain_08 Shylight_feeldesain_09 Shylight_feeldesain_10

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