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Ray, Recharge Naturally & Trek Support
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Ray, Recharge Naturally & Trek Support

For the eco-friendly folks out there comes Ray, Recharge Naturally with this neat solar powered charger that can charge any of your devices that use a USB port. Has suction so you can stick it to the window and a nice kick stand to prop it up in the office. Pick it up now at while in presale for just $39.99 (MSRP $49.99)

Do you carry a lot of gadgets? iPad, camera, iPhone, laptop? Always find yourself with low batteries? Take Charge with Trek Support and recharge your devices on the go. Trek Support is a backpack (airport-friendly, I might add) that powers and protects your electronic devices. It’s currently available at at a presale price of $130.00 (MSRP $150.00)


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