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Plantscape | Maxim Scherbakov
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Plantscape | Maxim Scherbakov

What do you think of these sculptural concrete planters? They were designed by Maxim Scherbakov of St. Petersburg studio Plan-S23, and can be arranged in a number of ways. The project blends nature and the urban environment, and was intended to “experiment on the theme of the survival of the plant in unsuitable environment for plant life”. Find out even more about the project on Behance.


Images: Maxim Scherbakov and Alexey Galkin

Plantscape_feeldesain_01 Plantscape_feeldesain_02 Plantscape_feeldesain_03 Plantscape_feeldesain_04 Plantscape_feeldesain_05 Plantscape_feeldesain_06 Plantscape_feeldesain_07

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