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Bonsai Skulls | Jack of the Dust
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Bonsai Skulls | Jack of the Dust

If your ideal home decoration is pretty but also a little bit morbid, these bonsai skulls by Andrew Firth, aka Jack of the Dust will be right up your alley. The hand decorated decorative PVC skulls depict a variety of scenes, from mountain garden to graveyard to cherry blossom wood, and each is absolutely unique.


Images Andrew Firth via Fubiz

BonsaiSkull_feeldesain_01 BonsaiSkull_feeldesain_02 BonsaiSkull_feeldesain_05 BonsaiSkull_feeldesain_06 BonsaiSkull_feeldesain_07 BonsaiSkull_feeldesain_08 BonsaiSkull_feeldesain_09

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