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Central Police Station Becomes An Art Center
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Central Police Station Becomes An Art Center

Hong Kong’s former central police station becomes an art center designed by ADO culture.

Tai Kwun, as known as the Hong Kong Central Police Station, was a historical icon of the government to implement enforcement, judgment and execution. Being one of the latest local landmarks, Tai Kwun has transformed into a destination of culture, art and performance.

100 faces of Tai Kwun explores the intricate relationships within the neighborhood with interviews featuring ex-officers, ex-offenders, shop owners, kaifongs, journalists and film directors whose lives have been intertwined with the station.

The wireframed skeleton structure is to present a vague impression of central. It is unusual yet familiar, vacuum yet abundant of stories. Walking through the colonnade, verandah and signboards, visitors can grab a glimpse of the long vanished central with a picturesque streetscape. The stories displayed in multiple media, including illustration, interactions, portraits and movies, showcased a hundred ways to retrospect and celebrate the prosperous central and Tai Kwun.

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