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Quasi-Cinema | Lucas Simões
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Quasi-Cinema | Lucas Simões

São Paulo-based artist Lucas Simões has found an interesting way of depicting cinema in photography. There is a sense of motion in Simões’ distorted line of images from his Quasi-cinema series. Using several shots of a subject on location, only differentiated by slight movements, the artist weaves the sequential waves of photos together, securely fastening it onto a support make of cloth and wood. The application of this technique makes it look like an unusual roll of film is sprawled out, revealing its narrow frames.

If there was a projector that was capable of running this three-dimensional, woven material, we’d see a very short clip of motion. Essentially, this is the birth of a new medium for film, though it is far less convenient in size. It reminds me of Eadweard Muybridge’s series of images that wound up discovering the art of filmmaking and whose technique was later used for the very effective 360° view in The Matrix films. Perhaps Simões is onto something more than meets the eye.

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