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PlaCard – The Social Swipe
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PlaCard – The Social Swipe

PlaCard – The Social Swipe  – Interactive Donor Posters

Misereor  is an organization that has been fighting against poverty and injustice in the world for decades, but times have changed since 1958 and so have the way people make donations. Even the smallest amount of money can make a difference and with the help of the Kolle Rebbe agency, Misereor initiated the Social Swipe, a poster that accepts donations from credit cards.

Last year, over 40% of payments made in Europe were put through by credit card, which is what sparked the idea for this unique way to donate. The dynamic poster was split in the middle with a place where people could run their credit card through and a payment of two euros activated an onscreen animation, showing off how the donation would help to provide food for a family or free a child from imprisonment.

We think that this interactive Donor Video screen, is a great way to help people donating 2 euro for a good reason.
A positive and instructive experience.

PlaCard - The Social Swipe  feeldesain3

PlaCard - The Social Swipe  feeldesain4

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