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Phone Book Pages | Carlos Zuniga
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Phone Book Pages | Carlos Zuniga

A friend recently posed the question: “Why on earth do we still receive free phone books anymore? Have the phone book people not heard of the Internet!” Though I agree with her statement, artist Carlos Zuniga certainly does not! The artist relies on these trusty printed books to produce his work, a creative interpretation of written text transformed into visual delights. This series Next is a collection of portraits where Zuniga blacks out certain bits of text to form the image in the negative space.

The Chile-based artist’s bio says that, “Through the destruction of textual identities, a new layer of representational information is created” and that the work, “has to be deciphered from between the lines. Like memory, which is composed of isolated moments that weave a more comprehensive whole.”

These magical creations require a strong vision and a bit of planning. Zuniga has the amazing ability to foresee an image in the space and to, line-by-line, transform the text into a strong visual narrative.

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