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18K Paper Silhouettes in 100 Shades of Colors
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18K Paper Silhouettes in 100 Shades of Colors

Emmanuelle Moureaux is a French architect living in Tokyo. Her latest art installation titled “I am here” for the exhibition “Space in Ginza” employs 18,000 woman’s paper silhouettes in 100 shades of colors, which express the crowd of people in Ginza. Almost drowning inside the crowd, three silhouettes (two girls and a cat) are lost inside, which encourage visitors to search and spot them within.

emmanuelle_moureaux_joquz-7 emmanuelle_moureaux_joquz-5 emmanuelle_moureaux_joquz-4 emmanuelle_moureaux_joquz-2 emmanuelle_moureaux_joquz-1 emmanuelle_moureaux_joquz-3

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