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NX Illuminated | Lunice for Lexus
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NX Illuminated | Lunice for Lexus

Musical producer and Montreal based dj Lunice teamed up with creative agency Lucky Me to create a powerful music video for his new single “Can’t Wait To”, profoundly inspired by the sharp designs of Lexus’ NX headlamps. The video digs into worlds characterized by op-art visuals and surreal places made of innovative forward thinking light projections. Parallel light beams cutting the space around the dancing singer and geometric lights casted onto textile panels evocate the distinctive NX’s LED headlamps and rearlamps. In this suggestive mix, Lunice is in constant move with its energizing dance that evokes the sharply styled mood of the car.

“We essentially wanted to make a space that felt like performance art, rather then pure performance.” – explains Lucky Me’s creative director Peter Marsedon – “We really wanted to get away from a stage show feel.”


NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain13

“One thing I definetely appreciate is the fact that a company like Lexus, takes their time and looks into these subcultures of different creatives and are involved in it. That to me is the future”, argues Lunice.

NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain28 NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain21 NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain19 NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain06

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NX Illuminated is part of a bigger project by Lexus: NX-Perspectives, a revolutionary journey in the world of modern creativity throughout the visions of the most innovative artists in the world, taking the cue from Lexus NX’s unique design features. The activity is divided into NX-constructed, NX-materialized and NX-illuminated.

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The Lexus NX


Sharply styled for urban and active lifestyles, the NX offers three powertrain variants, including a highly efficient hybrid in NX 300h, the first use of an all-new Lexus-developed 2.0-liter petrol turbo in NX 200t and a naturally aspirated engine in NX 200, with the choice of front and all-wheel drive. The NX has an array of innovative on-board technology, including a Lexus-first Wireless Charging Tray which enables portable devices such as mobile phones to be charged.


The chief engineer of the NX, Takeaki Kato, said “Much like high quality sports watches, bikes and fashion articles, the NX represents the ultimate in premium urban sports gear”.


The exterior design has been created to provide a feeling of agility not usually associated with an SUV while also being suitable for urban use. It embodies an aggressive form in order to make functionality and performance evident at a glance. The front and rear flares are fused to the diamond-shaped body that starts at the spindle grille. It is sculpted to look nimble with incredible power concentrated inside. Innovative LED headlamps and daytime running lamps firmly express Lexus’ bold design language. A sculpted outer mirror and a world-first door handle mechanism (with a hidden key barrel and integrated lighting) add to the premium appearance.

Schermata 2014-07-18 alle 11.38.34 Schermata 2014-07-18 alle 11.38.15

The interior of the NX combines the structural beauty of a high-performance vehicle with materials and textures that provide premium feeling and functionality. The centre silver frame is strongly embedded into the instrument panel to symbolise the strength of the crossover SUV. Seating was a major focus, offering ample overall head room and the best luggage load length in its segment.


NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain11 NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain16 NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain10

The NX has been designed for agile driving and ride comfort, including yaw-rate response to steering input and stability on uneven road surfaces. The Lexus NX series will be available in world markets in the second half of 2014.

NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain09 NX illuminated Lexus Feeldesain01

Watch the music video below and follow the official campaign hashtag #NXPERSPECTIVES on Facebook and  Twitter or find more info on Lexus Europe.

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