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Reflections from Uyuni | Enrique Pacheco
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Reflections from Uyuni | Enrique Pacheco

Photographer and videomaker Enrique Pacheco‘s time-lapse film from the 10,ooo square kilometre Bolivian salt flats at Uyuni will make you desperate to visit the South American country. The reflections of the sky on the ground in the rainy season make for an unbelievably beautiful scene, and as the colours of the sky change, so does the ground under your feet. Pacheco’s images show off the landscape to its best, and are as beautiful as stills as they are as a time-lapse video. Take a look.

BolivianReflection_feeldesain_01 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_02 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_03 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_04 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_05 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_06 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_07 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_08 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_09 BolivianReflection_feeldesain_10

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