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Nine Lives Furniture | Tonia Bell
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Nine Lives Furniture | Tonia Bell


Nine Lives, believe that everything has value—combine this idea with instinct, creative reuse, followed by an appreciation of the raw and imperfect, and you’ve got the Nine Lives vision of reincarnation.

Nine Lives promotes a sense of ingenuity, and an emphasis on handcrafted one-of-a-kind works that have one foot in a culture of integrity and style, the other in practicality.via

The Outsider Chair
Style: The Urban Drifter
For the raw and creative-fusing madness with mayhem.

The Matcham Couch
Style: The Nostalgic Utilitarian
For the smart, yet unsophisticated-balancing classic aesthetics with rugged masculinity.

The Crossroads Table
Style: The Eclectic Nomad
For the elegant and carefree-blending striking indulgence with the somewhat unrefined.




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