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Nestlé Chocolate Museum
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Nestlé Chocolate Museum

This impressive building known as the Nestlé Chocolate Museum has been designed by Metro Brazilian architects and is located beside a highway between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Caçapava (about 110 km from Sao Paulo).

One of the greatest things about this building is that its red glass windows located between the tunnel and the factory walls allows visitors to see chocolate being produced inside. This great structure is specially designed for public viewing and consist of two towers and an elevated runway, composed of steel and glass, spread over an area of 1850 sq m. The project is about offering the visitor an unique experience in the chocolate factory, so from now one the visitors will not be conducted on the ground like they used to be, but they will have the chance to take the tour on the high walkway that runs along the inside of the factory.

The Nestlé Chocolate Museum provides a great roadmap to visitors offering an experience just like in a museum, the goal being to accompany the whole process of manufacture of Nestlé chocolates, in an interactive and engaging presentation with different information about the production process from raw material to the container.



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