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Atelier de l’Armée x Smog Bicyclettes
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Atelier de l’Armée x Smog Bicyclettes

Paris based Smog Bicylettes collaborate with Amsterdam based Atelier de l’Armée for a limited series of bikes with handcrafted backpack and roll kit.

The fixed gear bike with a Smog Bicyclettes frame has a hand painted camouflage pattern based on the Swedish army M90 camou and is outfitted with a wooden Tibaut Malet handlebar and a leather Brooks saddle. It comes with a handcrafted Atelier de l’Armée backpack and roll kit custom made to fit the frame. Both are made out of a 1950′s French army duffel bag mixed with dead stock cowhide leather. The additional trouser strap is made out of a French army rifle sling.

larmee-x-smog-fy1 feeldesain

larmee-x-smog-fy2 feeldesain

larmee-x-smog-fy3 feeldesain

larmee-x-smog-fy4 feeldesain

larmee-x-smog-fy5 feeldesain

larmee-x-smog-fy6 feeldesain

larmee-x-smog-fy7 feeldesain

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