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Huge Greta Thunberg’s Mural in San Francisco
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Argentinian artist, Andres Petreselli – also known as “Cobre” – unveils new work: a 60-foot-tall mural of the environmental activist Greta Thunberg in San Francisco. This is now visibile on Mason Street near Union Square.

This was a pretty peculiar project, If I could decide what to paint It wouldn’t be this but it wasn’t my call, One Atmosphere asked it in exchange for the paints and the wall, I donated my time cos I really like Greta and her mission, again, this is not politics, said Cobre

Cobre, who is known for his hyper-realistic portraits, was approached by environmental non-profit one atmosphere to create the mural about a year ago. The organization had seen the artist’s other work, particularly his mural of American actor and comedian Robin Williams.

Greta Thunberg gained a cult-like following after beginning what are now known as “Fridays for Future” climate strikes. At age 15, she spent her Fridays, when she was supposed to be in school, outside parliament buildings in her home country, pleading for attention to the climate and ecological crisis.

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